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Some PEACE - 6 oz Mini Tin - GOLD

Some PEACE - 6 oz Mini Tin - GOLD

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Sometimes We Need PEACE as life brings stalls, and falls, heartbreaks, and mistakes, challenges and decisions.  We may need to get past it, through it, or conquer it in order to learn that it doesn't have the power to get us rattled. Be inspired and breathe easy knowing these awesome looking candles are made with safe ingredients.  

  • Candle safe tin measuring 2.75" in diameter and 1.75" in height.
  • 100% cotton wick: many manufacturers add metals to their wicks such as zinc, that release contaminants as they burn. 
  • Clean burning, sustainable soy/coconut wax:  If your candle leaves a black sooty residue as it burns, it is also releasing a sticky air born toxin that is so minuscule, it can travel into the deepest parts of the lungs. Paraffin wax, even refined to remove carcinogens, can burn this way. Our sustainable waxes leave behind little to no soot.  Our soy wax is not hormone disrupting.
  •  6.5 oz candle with cotton wick for even meltdown and over 30 hours of burn time. That's double the time advertised for similarly sized, paraffin wax, mall shop candles.
  • California Prop 65 and IFRA compliant botanical fragrances: The IFRA exists to ensure fragrance oils are void of ingredients that have known levels of toxin, and are stable when exposed to heat, light and oxygen. Beware of aromatherapy claims as essential oils can begin denaturing at 90-100 degrees (the same temperature as a pool of candle wax when burning). Prop 65 compliance ensures phthalate levels are safe. Our candles are phthalate free and heat, light and oxygen stable!
  • Allergy tested on my favorite human, my hubby, whose eyes water and tongue swells immediately when exposed to most off the shelf products with fragrance.  After making him sit by our candle for 5 hours, no reaction. Finally, a candle we can both enjoy!
  •  Fresh sea breeze scent with notes water lily, seagrass and driftwood.