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We get it!  We've been there too. You click on just one Ad ...JUST ONE,
and suddenly they are everywhere... in your Facebook and Instagram feeds, popping into every site you shop and you tube video you watch.
Each promising that their product holds the key to successfully launching or scaling your business.

But which one is right?  Where is your money best spent?

Click after click, Ad after well written Ad, instead of finding the right next step with confidence and clarity, you turn off your phone in frustration as your precious time has been eaten away with nothing to show for it. And what you thought would bring clarity, instead has you more bogged down with information overload than when you started.

Ready to stop the indecision and hours of scrolling, clicking, and sales pitch after sales pitch, hoping to finally discover that perfect next step?


What if I told you, you'll never find what you're looking for...because guess what?  You can't find the right solution, if you don't first know what you need.  And, you won't know what you need, until you know exactly....
"what's in your hand."

So, right here, right now, you have permission to stop the endless seaching, scrolling, clicking or downloading the next tactic, strategy, course, webinar or lead magnet! 

WOO HOO! So freeing isn't it?! 

Hi there!  We're Coach Noelle and Coach Michelle, faith-based business coaches that have helped many entrepreneurs just like you discover that, just like the widow in 2 Kings, you have a unique set of gifts and circumstances that position you in the marketplace.  The widow had only oil, and a good name within her community "in her hand."  But it was enough.  With encouragement, vision and direction, it was all she needed to avoid death and ruin for herself and her sons, and instead successfully provide for her household. 

Gosh, that's a pretty BIG chasm bridged with just a LITTLE in hand! But that's what happens when you take your God-given talents and circumstances and leverage them well, bringing them to market by faith and you know --not burying them like the servant in the parable of the talents!  

  No two nets are alike!

Like the widow, you're going to market, fishing for your target audience with "what's in your hand" . Your success is dependent on how well you leverage your net, woven together with what you have "in your hand,"
No matter where you're at in your business, businestry or ministry journey, like Elisha, we're here to help you see...what's in your order to brilliantly weave together your unique strategy, leveraging your unique God-given talents and circumstances to reach the level you're ready to go to next.

So, don't waste another minute clicking and scrolling!

Hop into our FREE 3-day "What's In Your Hand" Challenge beginning September 25th!  You'll be given immediate access to the Facebook group where the pre-party work has already begun!

Hope to See You Soon!
Coach Michelle and Coach Noelle