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About CALspice+MNice

Hey friend!

I'm Michelle, just a California girl living in a Minnesota world and a military spouse who's walked along side women having some pretty rough days. One thing I've learned is, if you can surround with a person with an atmosphere of grace, tenacity returns, purpose, self-worth and abilities awaken. So, this business, these products, and my mission is to provide beautiful, safe and inspirational products that empower you to create a personal atmosphere of grace for yourself and others.


Along my journey, I began to look into carrying a candle line. To my shock and discouragement, the revelation that toxic and dangerous ingredients are commonly found in most candles, seemed to be the end of the road. From the petroleum based paraffin wax, to the fragrances and denatured essential oils, I wondered if it was possible to develop a product that would be safe, especially for my cancer fighting, auto-immune and allergy suffering family and friends. I am grateful to say that it is!

My team and I have been able to assemble ingredients that have been 3rd party tested for safety and toxicity, and now we get to share our products with you. Not long after launching our first products did God began to reveal how similarly toxic things can hide in the heart, undetected. But that He left us the only 2 things we need to flush them out, His word and His Spirit. Together they gently reveal and replace toxins in our mind and heart, to create an Atmosphere of Grace. So our message is 2-fold. Grab our safe, non-toxic candle to create atmosphere in your place, connect with us on social to create a God-led atmosphere in your space.


@myatmosphereofgrace on Facebook and Instagram.


XOXO Michelle