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So when you say GRACE, what does that mean, actually?

Grace has many angles and definitions. Some say grace is a form of elegance and refinement, with social politeness and respectful behavior. The word is also used to express pardon for a period of time, as in a grace period on your credit card. It’s also commonly known as a prayer said before meals. And, in Bible verses it's an impartation of enabling power.

Quite a broad cross-section, right? Makes it a little tough to dig down and get to the essence of grace with such diverse definitions.

But, looking at what they all have in common, we see what they all do similarly. They give.

The giver has a choice to make and chooses to offer something they believe will benefit when they could have made an alternative choice instead.  Daily, we can see politicians choosing disrespect and impolite behavior instead of offering graciousness; and, our credit cards reflecting no interest for the past 30 days, when they could easily start racking up interest immediately.

When we have the choice, what do we choose?

When things turn sour, heated, or edgy, do we recognize the choices we're making every day to react without grace or instead offer some benefit or goodwill to the person or situation, when we have no obligation to do so.

We carry the power to offer goodwill, or the alternative.

It’s often easier to offer grace to someone hurting or in need, but when feel like they are indebted to us, have offended us, or just plain can’t make a good decision and their life results in chaos….

Did we make the best offer of goodwill that we could.

I like to define grace as a place where love and justice collide, there is a power in this place, a power to shift the atmosphere around us. 

It's really just another way of saying, I choose to love; however, it may need to exhaust at the point of injustice.

In our next blogs we’ll look at examples of the collision of love and justice, how to identify our point of injustice and handle ourselves as we reach it. 


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