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Back In the Fall Swing!

How on earth do the summers keep getting faster?! Fall is here with it's new rhythms and schedules, activities and appointments, change in the weather and looming holiday season.  Perhaps, like me, either you or someone close to you has had a major shift in their life like a diagnosis, a deployment, sending a kiddo off to college or a loss, financial setback, relationship strain or unexpected move.  Or maybe you are rocking life! Goals have been achieved, successes have come and you can sense a new and fresh chapter on the horizon. You're ready to see what's next, and you've begun to dream a little. And more often than not it's a combination of both. Either side of the coin presents the opportunity to react, complain, stuff it down, or let the words fly in anger and frustration, spiral downward taking others hostage with you, or repelling them from you wounded.  It also offers the chance to become something different.  Someone who recognizes the approaching train wreck and instead artfully, tactfully, and wisely keeps herself, her relationships and her responsibilities, safely under grace.  I can',t wait to dive it!  How about you?

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